An 82-Year-Old Barber Offers Haircuts for Hugs

Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

At age 57, Anthony Cymerys retired from a career in business and started a mobile barbershop in 1988, offering his services at shelters, convalescent homes and a local YMCA. These days, the Hartford, Connecticut resident — known on the streets as Joe the Barber — continues to help the less fortunate.

Each Wednesday, the 82-year-old Cymerys sets up a chair in Hartford’s Bushnell Park and puts his clippers to work. For longtime clients, the homeless or those facing hard times, the haircut fee is always the same:  a hug.

Cymerys decided to offer haircuts for hugs after being inspired by a church sermon. His goal: to help the homeless not look homeless.

You can read more about Joe the Barber’s heart-warming story in this article.

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