If You’re Obsessed With “Winning,” You Don’t Understand the Mobile Market


Last month, I wrote about the state of competition between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Mostly, I rounded up scads of stats — market share, profits, app-store size and a lot more. I noted that lots of folks like to declare that either iOS or Android is winning, but that my conclusion was that iOS was winning the financial war, and Android was winning the market-share war. Which, come to think of it, was less a conclusion than a mere statement of obvious fact.

Over at Techpinions, John Kirk has tackled the same topic. Unlike me, he did a lot of sophisticated analysis, and devised a formula — ratio of profits to market share — to benchmark who’s winning. It shows Apple with a sizable lead at 3.12 percent, Samsung doing well for itself at 1.30 percent and the rest of the Android pack straggling behind at .41 percent.

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