Co-working, Job Creation, and Innovative vs Replicative Businesses

David Cummings on Startups

At the Atlanta Tech Village we’ve had a number economic development agencies come through for a tour. As a new initiative for Atlanta and the Southeast, there’s a significant amount of interest and curiosity. Several of the economic development people have mentioned how they’re working on co-working space for startups in their own cities and neighborhoods.

Co-working space is great for the freelancer and entrepreneur starting a business, but there’s another, more important issue not being addressed: innovative vs replicative businesses. Not all companies are created equal. Most companies are replicative businesses where they are replicating something that is already well defined and a known quantity, like a law firm or accounting firm. Innovative businesses, on the other hand, are building something new and trying something that hasn’t been done before. With innovation comes a high rate of failure, but also an opportunity for net new jobs due to being…

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