Tiptop Speakers Launches On Kickstarter To Take Advantage Of Your Room’s Natural Acoustics


Look over to one of the upper corners of the room you’re in. What’s there? If you’re like me, probably nothing.

Three Stanford product design majors are building a speaker to take advantage of the wasted space and natural acoustics of the corners of your room.

The Tiptop speaker is a small pyramid that can stand alone or fits into a mold made for the upper corners of a room; like a Jambox, it’s wireless and Bluetooth-enabled. When mounted in a corner, the speaker takes advantage of “room gain,” using the natural acoustics of a room to make the sound richer and more appealing.

“[The shape] changes how you use the product, but it also changes how the product uses the space” co-creator Jack Brody tells me, arguing that too many speakers are “repackaged goods” rather than actually fresh ideas.

Brody, Madeleine Thompson, and Alex Walkerlaunched the project…

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