3 Venture Capital Rules that Can Be Broken for Hot Startups

David Cummings on Startups

Reading online there’s a number of “rules” about venture capitalists and how they operate. Most of the information is solid, but there are a handful of edge cases that are more nuanced for hot startups. Here are three ideas about how venture capitalists operate that aren’t as black and white as commonly presented:

  • Signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) – Most of the time, VCs won’t sign a non-disclosure agreement, and rightfully so since they see so many startups on a regular basis. Now, if you’re in super high demand, VCs are clamoring to invest, and you truly have confidential information like outstanding financials, VCs will sign NDAs.
  • Investing in LLCs – Limited partners, the investors in venture capital funds, are often endowments, charities, and other non-profits that don’t want pass-through losses and the headaches of K-1s, and thus require investing in C-Corps. VCs won’t invest directly into LLCs, but if the deal has…

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