It Could Be Make Or Break Time For Fine Gael & Labour.

An Irishman's Perspective.

2011-02-27-NOWith many national civil service unions now deciding no longer to kowtow to the government, voting against Labour and Fine Gael, voting against the “Croke Park II” deal, with the national Irish judiciary coming out and openly opposing the government, on the back of the teachers unions alone coming out and opposing the government – and much more… it looks like the two main parties are facing a crucial point in their ability to ram through their money sucking demands being foisted upon the Irish people.

The government’s plans for payroll savings has taken a serious fall as three of the country’s four biggest unions yesterday rejected the Croke Park 2 proposals – meaning it is certain to be formally rejected when trade union representatives meet at ICTU level today.

Members of the Labour party now will be in complete direct confrontation with unions that for some time, had backed them. Members of the Labour party will now be…

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