Sharp new campaign for Arrow Electronics hits the bull’s eye with “Five Years Out.”

Gods of Advertising

“Five Years Out” is the mantra for Arrow Electronics, a distributer-provider of technology solutions. Honestly, I’d never heard of the company until seeing these fun and ambitious films from Ogilvy in Chicago. Surprising my ignorance, given I’ve been specializing in technology clients for going on ten years. In some ways that makes the campaign that much more inviting. I’m being introduced to something.

I dig the mantra. “Five Years Out” is simultaneously hyperbolic and realistic. No easy feat for advertising. The conceit that there’s a special club for innovators, which can be accessed by others with a desire to participate or behold them is genius. Of course Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers are there. But so are the inventors of air conditioning and the three-pronged outlet.

A benevolent, ghost-like host informs his wide-eyed guests (and us) that while we “won’t know most of them” they are all part of…

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