The Rise Again Of Unjustified Dislike. Echo’s Of The Past.

An Irishman's Perspective.

cooking_pot_clip_art_13702It seems from history that in some cases we have learned nothing. Winston Churchill once famously said during World War Two

“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”

– well its seems those now infamous words is sadly all too true even today as we have moved on into a further supposedly modern era.

Its one thing to dislike with genuine justification a government or even a person if you feel that their actions (or in-actions as the case may be) are further leading to causing trouble and strife upon others directly or by proxy, my conscious action or by stupidity at not knowing consequences of their actions – its still regarded as morally wrong however to take a dislike to a person, a group of people, a class of people just because of their sexuality, their genuine religion or their historic foundation roots.

As we have seen in the last few weeks and months…

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