WikiLeaks To Announce ‘Project K’ – April 8th.

An Irishman's Perspective.

Scales-of-JusticeWikiLeaks has informed the world that a press conference scheduled for April 8th is to be held. The announcement has generated guesses about maybe a possible release of a new stash of classified material or a something connected to Assange’s political party in Australia. The news (what little there is) comes via their Twitter account and there’s a installed a countdown to the event, planned to be held in the National Press Club in Washington on 8 April.

Some are guessing that it might have to do with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange himself who is looking to win a seat in the Australian Senate at the next upcoming elections. should he win it could force the US and others pursuing him to back down, securing his safe passage out of the UK following his 8-month confinement at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London. If they still continue to pursue him an a state elected…

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