Triple dip? You aint seen nothin’ yet

In economics, everybody is in the same boat. Everybody has an oar, rowing in a different direction. Everybody’s oar is a different size. Oh, and there’s a wind. And strong currents. And the odd waterfall.

So it is in Cyprus this morning, as people rise to the knowledge that some of their savings are about to be taken to bail out their sinking banks. I feel sorry for the people of Cyprus, which include a large number of British service personnel. But the big danger is that this bailout (or rather, “bail-in”) will do just the opposite of what it intends: plunge Europe back into financial crisis. This is how…

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Most Vilified Banker In Ireland Still Getting VIP Treatment.

An Irishman's Perspective.

fitzIt seems it don’t matter if you helped cost the country 30 Billion Euro and forced one generation, possibly two, into coughing up hard earned cash out of their own pockets and savings – you can still be wined and dined, treated like a VIP and have stars of the world surrounding you!

Sean FitzPatrick, who faces a minimum of 12 full criminal charges (the state would bring more if they could – as there is a lot more to answer for it might appear!) related to the collapse of the Anglo Irish bank, was quite relaxed and very happy to be with other VIP guests such as Bono, Niall Horan (“One Direction” choir) and Prince William of England on Monday.

Dressed in his black suit and black tie, the man that one of the most present vilified characters in Irish history (well, its a toss up between him and Bertie Ahern), had no problem…

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The tantrumy creative director. Anger is not passion especially when it’s choreographed.

Gods of Advertising

Remind you of anyone in Adland?

A gathering of ad agency people –who shall go nameless- were talking about some of the rip roaring screaming matches that used to take place between their old creative director and, well, just about everyone at the agency. For example, an argument over production of a DM piece culminated in broken glass and a serious gash in said CD’s wrist. Blood was everywhere. “I guess he was just a passionate guy,” someone offered. “Or a prick.”

I’m going with the latter. Losing one’s temper over a piece of direct marketing –or any ad really- is just plain ridiculous. Mistaking gross behavior for passion is one of life’s great myths. Anger like that is a character defect. Period. That someone could get to physical violence over the manufacture of an ad… Crazy.

I brought the subject up later with an old pro at my agency…

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