What is Accountability and Does it Influence Us?

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What does this word mean?

How does it apply to our lives?

I started thinking about this on Tuesday when I read a few blogs regarding a posting I read on the Huffington Post about Rob Bell and his new affirmation of same sex marriage (post the article). David Fitch wrote a facebook note that implied Rob Bell is no longer accountable to anyone regarding the statements he makes, and that is very interesting because it is true (https://www.facebook.com/fitchest/posts/10151731452988277).

I agree with Efrem Smith whose Facebook message was right on. “No disrespect intended, but I don’t understand why former church pastor Rob Bell gets so much attention.” I don’t care what Bell thinks as he is irrelevant to my thinking and I have no interest in reading his new book etc.

But back to the subject, how do we live accountable for the words we speak. Think about this with…

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