South by Southwest (SXSW): Aereo vs. the Cable Bundle


To me, the most tantalizing thing about Aereo — the startup, backed by Barry Diller’s IAC, which let you watch live and time-shifted broadcast TV over the Internet on a TV or iOS device — isn’t the fact that the big TV networks are suing it. Nor is it the company’s technology, which involves pulling in TV signals using arrays of dime-sized microantennae on the roofs of data centers, with each antenna delivering broadcasts across the Net to a particular Aereo subscriber.

No, I’m most intrigued by the way Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia keeps predicting that Aereo and services like it will help bring on the demise of the cable bundle, which has so many of us paying well over $100 a month for vast quantities of channels we’ll never, ever watch.

To pick a self-referential metaphor, it’s as if you had to subscribe to an entire newsstand’s worth…

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