Thoughts on the AirWatch $200 Million Series A

David Cummings on Startups

Atlanta-based AirWatch, LLC just announced that they raised a massive $200 million Series A round of financing from Insight Ventures Partners out of New York City. AirWatch makes mobile device management software for companies to manage all the different smart phones used by their employees. For many years, Blackberry by RIM was the main smart phone used in the corporate setting, and all the management software, along with the hardware, was provided by the same company. Now, with the explosive growth of iPhones and Android devices, the need for enterprise software to manage the deployment of these devices has grown tremendously — enter AirWatch.

With this being one of the largest venture-type Series A rounds ever (not just in Atlanta but in the the entire country!), it deserves some further commentary. Here are a few thoughts on the AirWatch $200 million Series A:

  • Often when a growth equity firm puts…

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