World Powers Cowardly Stay Silent Over Hacking For Money Reasons. UPDATED.

An Irishman's Perspective.

A number of years ago just as the world had witnessed a British Government in self interest, deliberately stopping an inquiry further investigating a huge bribing scandal (see HERE and HERE)  going on for some time to Arab business people and high ranking government officials (in order to procure lucrative business contracts between the two states) for their feared such an investigation would stop later contracts being awarded to British industry (and the under the counter bribing continued) – today we have a similar code of silence operating across Europe and now to America also for financial reasons.


For some time now its been VERY known that Chinese cyberhackers have been and continue to targeting companies and governments around the world. As of this morning, the date posting of this write-up, Microsoft (see HERE and HERE) itself yet again has tried to be hacked by enemies outside the state of USA. This follows after Apple, Facebook and other high public profile…

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