Open Source

There are a lot of reasons why major propietary software can be good to use. Typically they are easier to get support for, more people to fix it when it breaks,  etc.

I recently ran into some issues with text effects on a site I am working on. I had done some css work to create a certain look, got it right and was pretty happy with the result. Figuring I should do my due diligence, I took a quick look on IE8 ( I use Firefox). Low and behold I discovered IE8 did not render the effects. Not that it was a huge deal, as the site looked nice still. But it got me to thinking…. If all of the other major browser competitors support these effects, all of which are opensource, why would IE8 not? Maybe it is just overconfidence on the part of Microsoft. Maybe it is just ignorance or naivity.

Either way it was a bit baffling to me. I googled it and apparently Microsoft did not feel like putting the support for certain, common, additions to IE8.

Reasons like lack of support for little things like that are why I believe in opensource software. You have a community that can come up and put together all these products that prove more robust then the stuff coming out of big multi-billion dollar companies.

Long live the community?


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