Why I feel let down by Marvel.


With the influx of super hero films, the awesomeness of Scott Pilgrim and the televised version of The Walking Dead, it hasn’t taken long for a bookworm like myself to start dabbling in the world of comics. I’m still fairly new to the genre and despite having titles and series that I want to read, I don’t really know where to start (other than the beginning, I’ve got that.) So, searching around and trying to avoid spending a lot of money on the Iron Man series, I’ve come across the super heroine ‘She Hulk.’ Fair play, I thought – I appreciate that women haven’t been excluded from the world of the graphic novel; I appreciate that feisty, kick ass women are celebrated in amongst men who save the world. As a female reader, particularly one that has a background of being forced to read literature where women aren’t allowed to…

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