SEO and It’s Importance

There are many reasons to have SEO properly done on any website. I was reading an article on the subject this morning and one quote “The “tree falls in a forest” adage postulates that if no one is around to hear the sound, it may not exist at all – and this translates perfectly to search engines and web content. Put another way – if no one links to your content, the search engines may choose to ignore it.” This quote explains perfectly why SEO should be an important part of developing and maintaining a website. Having a professional website is obviously incredibly important. It’s what everyone sees, and as a result needs a lot of time and attention. But once it’s all up, you need someone to make sure the site is getting noticed by search engines to have traffic driven to your site. Just some food for thought on the SEO front.

Anyways, just thought I’d post something quick this morning. I will likely be posting articles and other thoughts throughout the day and weekend.


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