The Social Media Campaign


There are a lot of reasons to make sure your company is utilizing social media as a tool to connect with customers.

One of the biggest benefits of social media for a company is that you can reach a huge number of people, relatively easily. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have millions of users that log on, on a relatively regular basis. If you can properly utilize these channels you can reach tens of thousands, if not more of those users just by getting an ad campaign on them. This is possible because you a) are connecting with the people in your immediate networks. Which for a lot of people can be a few hundred people. You can also make your posts that are easily searchable. Meaning if you’re a plumber, you can post up ads that are easily searchable by anyone in  your geographic area. People can also then re-post a lot of the ads/posts you put up, further expanding   your network of people easily seeing  your ad campaign. The great thing is that all of these is easily achievable for free, all you need to do is dedicate some time.

One of the other benefits is the easy use of pay-per-click/impression ads. They can be as inexpensive or expensive as you can afford. In one day with a $20 campaign, I ran an ad on LinkedIn that was seen by 20,000 people. How many other forms of advertising can get you that kind of exposure for that price?

The key is to dedicating time  to content, but also having someone  set it up for you. Once it’s setup, a social media campaign can be a relatively painless process. Social media is not just a fad, it is easily one of the most common forms of internet usage. When utilized properly, it can easily bring in a lot of extra business for any company.

If you have not taken advantage of social media, but would like to bring your company to the next level, look at hiring a company like mine and we can setup an easy to maintain, yet effective way to use social media in your company.


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