The Payment Issue

I’ve stuck my hand in several different industries. Generally part time on my own to make a few extra bucks. It’s always interesting too me how there are common issues among all every industry. It doesn’t seem to just be an issue I have, but everyone who runs a business has. It’s the issue of payment.

 I always try to work with potential clients on terms of payment. Whether it is scheduling, or cost, or whatever. Scheduling is one thing, I always require a deposit, but it doesn’t always have to be what I typically like to take. Nor do we need mid-payments or whatever. The purpose of the initial deposit is so that a) the designer can pay for hosting, and b) if the client decides to take off part way through the project, at least the designer has some type of pay. It isn’t a way to take the clients money and run, it’s a way to make sure things are fair for both parties.

 Also, clients get what they pay for. If you want a complicated website, be willing to pay for it. It takes time and a lot of effort to get a half decent website up. Everyone deserves to get paid fairly for their time, don’t think you’re a special case. Be fair to the designer, and they will be fair back.


One response to “The Payment Issue

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